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Hyoi Gattai!
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9th-Aug-2006 05:27 pm(no subject)
Yoh - &i'll be there
For those of you who want this to continue, me, Yohie, and Furu plan on doing it, comment here with your AIM s/n, and I'll im you with the new comm address / add you to the list at the new comm :/
Hello, all. It's been a little over a year since this community started, though I'm afraid the RP has kind of died off in the past few months. Personally, I felt that this was really fun and I'm glad to have met the people I did while in this RP. Even so, I think that the community is more or less dead. I'm really sorry, but I hope that you all had so much fun. Love all you crazies. ♥

27th-Jun-2006 02:47 pm - Apology
"3. Please post here with the subject "Giving Up [Insert Character's Name Here]" and explain briefly why you're leaving. I don't want to be mean. ^^; If you have too much homework, you can't keep up with the RP, you don't want to RP anymore...doesn't matter what the excuse is. I just don't like getting ditched for no apparent reason, and I'm sure none of the other RPers do, either. At least give us a farewell. "

I owe all the RPers an apology for this...not only did I ditch my own comm, I also blatantly ignored a rule I myself laid down. I really am sorry, and I hope that, even if people are upset with me, they'll just talk to me...please don't let my idiocy get in the way of the RP. This was all set up so that people could have fun, after all...
11th-Dec-2005 02:52 am - Something that needs to be said.
Manjoume Thunder // Chant!
Dear members of ooc_mankinrp,

I ask of you to unfriend this journal. Yes, pentacle_fate. I don't want to sound rude/mean here, but it's kind of annoying after a while, you know? If you really want to friend me in this RPG, go and friend me on silvamolestsu and not on pentacle_fate, thank you. :D

31st-Aug-2005 04:49 pm - Character Relationships
I'm really bored right now. And slightly confused, so God knows what people coming into the comm are thinking. So, I'm making a post that will explain character relationships. Please post here with your responses. See Ren's list for example~

Ren's ResponsesCollapse )

I think that's everybody...Um, so please reply to this~ And, er, don't take any offense from what I wrote. You know I love you all~ ♥
25th-Jul-2005 09:20 am - Contact
Hey, all! Teh Moderator here~

Lots of people are doing AIM/MSN/Etc. RPing for this comm, so it might be easier to put up all the contact information right here! Please, everyone, post with this form~

AIM (if you have it):
MSN (if you have it):

The time zone'll be used so that RPers can figure out when is the best time to RP together...and to plan comm chatrooms~~~ Once we have people responding to this, I'll set up a community chatroom and we can have random convos or roleplays all the time~ *squeaks*

Aimee's Contact InfoCollapse )
1st-Jul-2005 10:00 pm - Questions
If you have any questions concerning the RP, comm, characters, etc., please ask them here! >D The great Author-sama has all most of the answers and will be glad to answer them!

If you comment and ask why this comm sucks so much, or anything of the like, believe me, you will regret it.

Other than that, feel free to ask what you like! :D
1st-Jul-2005 09:58 pm - Suggestions
Here is the post where you can make a suggestion about the plot, characters, or comm in general. Feel free to suggest whatever you like! ^^
1st-Jul-2005 09:54 pm - Complaints
This is the entry where you can make a complaint about the comm itself, other RPers, etc. Please, if you must complain, make it a real problem. If you complain about something pointless, you'll be ignored. -_- Don't tell me you aren't having any fun. It isn't my fault if other RPers aren't fun. If, however, another RPer is being mean to you, then it's a problem.

I'm confused, too. ^^;

If there is something I can do, I will do it. :D Hopefully, there won't be too many complaints!
1st-Jul-2005 09:49 pm - Welcome to OOC!MankinRP!
Hello, and welcome! Click here to read the rules for the comm.

This is, to make a long story short, a Shaman King RP where crack rules, and everybody is OOC, or out-of-character. So, if you are approved, you must be as unlike the character you choose as possible. ^^;

That said! This is the post where you ask for a character! Don't forget, the setup is:

Your current LJ username:
Your name/nickname that you would like to be called:
Character you wish to request:
Chimi Chimi Moyro:
Example post:

Read the rules first!

Here are the taken characters, just so you know.

Asakura Yoh
Asakura Hao
Tao Ren
Tamamura Tamao
Kyouyama Anna
Faust VIII
Iron Maiden Jeanne
Lyserg Diethel
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