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Hyoi Gattai!

OOC! Shaman King Role Play
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Hello, and welcome to ooc_mankinrp, a Shaman King roleplaying community.

The purpose of this comm is pure crack and to have fun. ^^; It was inspired partially by omg_oversoul, among other SK RPs, as that particular comm had OOC characters - out of character. The idea amused me so much that I decided to go ahead and make a comm dedicated solely to RPing as OOC characters from Shaman King.

The premise is pretty vague, but I'm figuring an AU story line. So, it won't involve the Shaman Fights. The Shaman King cast will all be in the age range of 15-18 (with the exception of characters like Faust or other adults, if people wanted to play them), and they're living together in the Funbari Onsen. This is more or less a "Day in the Life" sort of RP. ^^; If anyone has any ideas to contribute to the plot, please share them here! Sankyuu!

That said, let's get to the rules...


...for joining

1. Please comment in below-mentioned post to request a character.

2. Wait until I have approved your request to start up your character journal.

3. Your character journal is a journal you must start in order to participate. If you haven't RPed in this format before, that means you start another journal where you only post for this RP. If you don't have your own journal especially for the RP, you cannot RP. Sorry, it's just less confusing that way. ^^;

4. You CANNOT be homophobic or heterophobic. We're all open here, and who knows if any sort of pairings will show up. If they do, be nice, please.

5. Spread the word! Tell your friends about the community - after all, the more the merrier. :D

...for posting

1. Again, you must have your own character journal. No exceptions.

2. Try to post once every three weeks. I'm willing to bend over backwards every once in a while - I know your life doesn't revolve around this RP ^^; - so it's okay if you don't post constantly. If two months go by and you don't post, however, you will be sent a warning on your journal. If you do not post within the next week, you will be warned again. If you do not post within the week after that, well, three strikes, you're out. You will be removed from the comm and your position will be open again. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, explained later in the rules.

3. If you want to include a romance in the RP, please get in contact with the RP-er of the character you want your character to get together with. If they don't agree with your pairing, leave it be. The characters must correspond if there is to be a pairing.

4. I can understand some foul language being used. If there is any, put it under an lj-cut ( < lj-cut > (insert whatever here) < /lj-cut > )

5. Any long posts should be underneath an lj-cut as well.

6. You spam, you die.

7. Proper grammar is your friend. I understand that this is OOC, and a character that would normally be proper might not be when not in-character. Nonetheless, if I see a single "oMg, lyke, this RP iz 2 kewl 4 skewl", or anything of that nature, I will hunt you down and you will regret neglecting you grammatical skills.

...for RP-ing

1. Remember! The object of this RP is to be as OOC as possible. So, no in-character-ness. :D

2. We all get along here. If the characters fight, that's fine, but if the RP-ers have an issue, leave it out of the posts. I am not a kindergarten teacher. I will not deal with fighting. If you can't leave your problems out of the RP, you will be removed from it.

3. Try to stay on-topic, please. Pointless posts are very annoying, and are also known as "spamming." You spam, you die. And you can't RP here anymore, either.

4. RP in FIRST PERSON. That means, if you are RPing as Yoh, you would say "I went shopping" instead of "Yoh went shopping."

5. Your RP icon should be of the character you are RPing. Please have this icon on all the time when you post anywhere in this RP (i.e., your own journal, the main journal, others' journals) so that we know whom you are supposed to be.

...for instant-message RP-ing

I know I said that you could only post in your character journal, but if you wish to get in contact with another RP-er and do your own private RP over AIM or whatever, go right ahead. However, this private RP must either be posted in both RPers' journals, or should be briefly explained in both RPers' journals. That way the rest of us at least have an idea as to what is going on. Sankyuu. ^-^

...in general

Basically, these are just repeated rules - but they're important! Failure to follow any of the above rules, but especially these rules below, means you will be removed from the RP and your spot will become open. I will give you three warnings before you are removed from the RP. Don't take these warnings lightly.

1. Have a separate journal especially for this RP, and don't make your journal until your character has been approved by your moderator, yours truly, author_sama.

2. No homophobia or heterophobia. This is not tolerated at all.

3. No fighting between RP-ers unless it's part of the RP.

4. Proper grammar is your friend.

5. For excessive language, explicit content in some way, or long posts, use an lj-cut.

6. Be as OOC as possible with your characters, as on-topic as possible when posting, and have lots of fun!

7. Dubs are welcome here, oddly enough, because they are the epitome of OOC-ness. Don't bash them.

8. No character bashing. If anybody bashes another RPer because of the character they are playing, you will be warned.

9. THREE STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT! If you are warned for disobeying the rules 3 times, you will be removed from the RP and your character will be open to someone else. No second chances once it gets to this point.

10. You spam, you die.


...Requesting a character

Please comment on this post to request a character using the following format:

Your current LJ username:

Your name/nickname that you would like to be called:

Character you wish to request:

Chimi Chimi Moyro:

Example post:

1. Give me your current LJ username. Because..........I don't know. Just give it to me. o_o;;;

2. Your name/nickname that you would like to be called: If you have any news for the comm, post it there, and check it often for news from your moderator and fellow RP-ers. In general, I just want to use this journal as a news/updates/intro center (meaning you don't RP here), so we'll call each other by regular names. If you'd rather go by your LJ name, say so. :D

3. Character you wish to request: This isn't too hard to explain. Just state the character you want to play, and I'll get back to you. In parenthesis after the name of the character you want, list a character you would be willing to take if, for whatever reason, you can't have your first choice.

4. Example post: Give me an example of how you would write the character you want. For example, you can write - in FIRST PERSON - "I hate everyone" as Yoh. Of course, I'd like to you elaborate. At least six sentences.

5. Er, for my personal convenience ( ^^; ), please use the subject "Character Request" when requesting a character. Or at least some variation of that so I know what you want. The same thread will be used for giving up characters (see below).

...Claiming Characters

1. Dub names are discouraged, but the dub itself is not. If you RP as Hao, you cannot be "Zeke". If you are RPing as Hao and call yourself "Zeke", you will be taken out of the RP. You may act like the dub counterpart (since they're VERY OOC), but there will be no "Trey", "Zeke", "Lenny", or, so help me God, "Uncle En". Please.

2. If the character you want is taken, I will tell you and ask you to give me an example post for your second choice. OOC is pretty easy to do, so odds are I won't tell you your example post isn't good enough to RP as a character. The only time I'll tell you you can't be a character is if it's already taken, or if you are already part of the community and cannot follow the rules.


1. You must be approved by your moderator in order to start posting.

2. No original characters; you may only RP as an actual SK character. OCs are annoying and difficult to keep track of. My apologies to anyone who had their heart set on RPing as an OC.

3. You may only RP as one character and once you're approved, you're approved; choose wisely.

4. Though this is an RP comm, please don't post SK RPs you've done with your friends. The only RP you can put in this comm is this comm's RP. If that confuses anyone, what I mean is that you can only play in this RP. You may not post other RPs.

5. Check the main journal often in case of updates or new characters joining the comm. If you have important news that is RELEVANT to the RP, by all means, post it.

6. If you have an idea for the plot/characters/etc. of this RP, post it in the main journal.

7. It *is* possible for people to lose their spots in the RP for not following hte rules. If this happens, their slot will be open and you may take that character.

8. Next to Chimi Chimi Moyro on your request sticker, put "I worship Author-sama" so that I know you read the rules and so that I will like you. :D

9. If you lose your place in the RP, you will be taken off and you may not RP as that character again here. Someone else can take that character. After one month, you will be allowed to apply for a second character, but you will not have top priority because of previous offences. If you are removed from the RP twice, you may not RP here again.

10. If you are applying for a second time, next to Chimi Chimi Moyro on your request sticker, put "I adore and worship Author-sama". And I expect a letter of apology to either myself, your moderator, for offending my grammar/spamming/etc. rules, or to both myself and the person you offended if you broke the homophobe/heterophobe/fighting/etc. rules.


1. If you are unable to post for whatever reason (you're grounded, you're going on vacation, you're going through a rough time at school or with family), let me know. I go easy on people who tell me beforehand. If you don't post for six months, then come back and tell me you went to Bora Bora and you're failing every class in school so you were grounded...well, too bad. If there isn't a good enough reason for you not telling me beforehand that you couldn't participate, then you will be removed for not participating in the RP.

2. If you do not want to continue the RP, I would also like to know so that your character can be given to someone else.

3. Please post here with the subject "Giving Up [Insert Character's Name Here]" and explain briefly why you're leaving. I don't want to be mean. ^^; If you have too much homework, you can't keep up with the RP, you don't want to RP anymore...doesn't matter what the excuse is. I just don't like getting ditched for no apparent reason, and I'm sure none of the other RPers do, either. At least give us a farewell.

4. If the reason for your leaving is another RPer or if the reason is a problem that can, in some way, be solved, let yours truly or one of the other RPers know so that something can be done to ammend the situation. We don't want you to leave, after all unless you're really mean or something o_o.

For either of these problems, post here


If there are any problems whatsoever, I want to be told so that they can be fixed. If you are having trouble with another RPer, you feel someone is breaking the rules, or something else is going on that should be brought to my attention, please tell me in this post.

Claimed Characters

Asakura Yoh ~ noregrets @ pure_temptress

Tao Ren ~ author_sama @ shy_golden_eyes

Faust VIII ~ sarahakacelebi @ blue_undereyes

Asakura Hao ~ yohie_chan @ pyro_hao_sama

Tamamura Tamao ~ noroimustdie @ shy_disguise

Iron Maiden Jeanne ~ drivebywizard @ tin_can_girl

Lyserg Diethel ~ furuchan @ xxx_law

Marco ~ s91_cat_lover @ religion_sucks9

Oyamada Manta ~ yoh_kun @ goth_creampuff

Matilda (Matti/Macchi) ~ klonoawahoo @ broom_pumpkin

Marion Phauna (Mari) ~ anti_gone @ golden_doll

Silva ~ pentacle_fate @ silva_molests_u

Anna Kyouyama ~ butterusagi @ candy_whore_

Bokuto no Ryu ~ miss_mina_chan @ ai_no_dragon

Eliza Faust ~ sweetsnow73 @ rna_eliza

Ashil ~ zenoah_zero @ sexysubordinate

I'm only listing taken characters because I'm too lazy to list 'em all. ^^; If you want someone, request 'em, and odds are, you'll get 'em. (I make this sound like Pokemon....) First come, first serve, though. That's why we have back-ups.

Okay, that about does it! I know my rules are kind of strict, but I like an orderly RP. I'll try to be fair, and hopefully I won't be a totally sucky moderator. If anyone has experience in RPing on LJ, please help those new to the concept. Newbies, you should be able to go to anyone at anytime for help.

That said, please enjoy the RP!


Request a character in this post

Give up a character in this post

Issue a complaint in this post

Ask a question in this post

Make a suggestion in this post